An online fabrics store of V.S. Traders

About Us

Fabrics2Buy is an online fabric store for all kinds of woven fabrics. We have been supplying fabrics to boutiques and exporters for over 40 years now and recently decided to take our business online. What is unique about Fabrics2Buy is that we provide a wide variety of fabrics like plain fabric, upholstery fabric, linen fabric, ikat fabric, sewing fabric, plain sarees fabric, cotton fabric, south cotton, lycra, polyester, wool, nylon, velvet, ikat, georgette fabric, sewing fabric, Embroidered fabric, print fabric etc. under one roof. We have an excellent mix of traditional and fancy fabrics. We provide fabrics for all occasions for both men and women. We not only provide fabrics for clothing but also for furnishing.  

We understand that buying fabrics online might be challenging for some people, as you need to feel the fabric and look at the color closely especially when you are making a bulk purchase. To counter this issue, we advise you to first order a swatch, a 25cm cutting of the fabric, to make a more informed decision. 

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